11.5 Lb Bass

This fish was born the year I moved to Florida! I caught this 11.5 lb beauty while shiner fishing near Jacksonville, FL January 6, 2013 but the real story starts on January 5th. We were planning a trip to Jacksonville to visit my husband’s grandparents. Lucas and I typically go fishing with “Grandpa OW” while we are visiting and we’ve never come away without a bite. The night before we left, I was lying in bed having day dreams of dragging a huge bass out of the water in Jacksonville. I couldn’t sleep, I was so excited to get out there and get on the fish. The next morning I woke up and quickly told Lucas about my dream and said, “We need to go get shiners there is a record bass up there waiting for me!” He hadn’t planned on leaving until later in the day – but he liked my enthusiasm and told me we’d have to leave ASAP if I wanted to fish… I was packed and in the car before him!

Fast forward to me casting my shiner line at ‘the spot’ (you didn’t think I would tell the exact spot of my fishing hole, did you?!… Fisherladies never fish and tell!) Lucas and his Grandfather were fishing on the bank about 50 yards down from me. Just after the hit, I knew it as a big one, I yelled down to Lucas “Honey! I’ve got a big one on!” He casually said, “ok.” I yelled back, “SERIOUSLY it’s huge!” I needed to brace the pole above the reel just to muscle this hog in. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw that bucket mouth bust the surface of the water! Lucas helped me get him out of the water – to ensure we didn’t injure it. Fish out of water – and I started to cry! This fish is HUGE!! We had it out just long enough to get some photos and weigh it with our boga grip. He was revived and swam away! I’m still amazed by the beauty of this bass! It’s colors were remarkable and the pattern on it’s belly looked like an custom made argyle sweater! Stay warm bass buddy and thanks for the amazing memory!


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