140 miles in the Everglades

What better way to celebrate our wedding anniv, Easter and my birthday other than camping with my husband in the, always breathtaking, Everglades! 3 nights, 3 different campsites – including one night on the Sweetwater chickee along the Wilderness Waterway. For those who don’t know, a chickee is an elevated wooden camping platform in the water (and my new favorite way to camp!) 🙂

We traveled over 140 miles in our boat and saw so many awesome sites! Each night we enjoyed amazing sunsets and incredible star gazing thanks to the late moonrise (which was also beautiful).

The weather dipped into the low 40’s one morning but at night, it was perfect weather for the bioluminescent display in Sweetwater bay – we’ve never seen anything like it!  Also, as I stood on the chickee waiting for our dinner to heat, Lucas spotted several “v”‘s in the water all around our sleeping platform! …SHARKS!!! They were waiting on their dinner too – thankfully it wasn’t us!  An incredible site but briefly unnerving as well!!

There are few words for the display that was Easter sunrise on Pavilion Key – we were able to capture a photo that helps a bit.  The site was breathtaking and really summed up the entire trip – which left us feeling so blessed to be spending time together in God’s creation and thankful for His sacrifice.

The fishing was great! We got a backwater slam including my 19 in trout, Lucas’ 31 in snook, and a beautiful red (though he missed the memo as he was much more white from being off shore).  I caught my first bullshark and Lucas manhandled it right onto the boat for a few quick pictures!  I wanted to hold it, but this guy was angry and the timing just wasn’t right this time – somehow Lucas made it look easy and got him back into the water safely!!

We ended with 15 trout, 8 snook, 1 red, a spanish mackerel  and 1 shark – not to mention plenty of Jack  – which are always fun to get to the boat when using light tackle!

The real prize was being with Lucas – he’s my best friend, my fishing buddy and he’s agreed to be my husband for life!!  What more could a gal ask for … okay maybe a tarpon!!  😉

Enjoy our photos – please share the post on your page and if you’d like to use our photos on your own page, we just asked that you site: facebook.com/sheshookedfishing

Thanks for catching up with us!

3564_605519056144859_692858616_n  8606_602033826493382_1675957039_n 17303_605519132811518_1596065739_n 20876_605519379478160_1704127637_n 35003_605518472811584_1892892714_n 5386_605519972811434_1703888167_n36594_605518399478258_1373631475_n 69437_605520059478092_1373010144_n 72942_605511819478916_55719562_n 149412_605519946144770_1647009556_n 150141_605518406144924_1901320329_n 483715_605519742811457_1620527179_n 522019_605518579478240_930806039_n 524430_605518759478222_1991805766_n 529217_605519579478140_1865420978_n 533827_605518592811572_394755930_n 534035_605518609478237_1817488594_n 534785_605518892811542_1842753705_n 536172_605518766144888_671585150_n 545883_605518379478260_324586202_n 553954_605519392811492_1838372076_n 555920_605519602811471_951478806_n 561372_605529746143790_932189386_n 575921_602033806493384_872815825_n


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